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That’s all she wrote (cause my boss is a woman, get it. duh)

January 30, 2008

Work Banner

Well I finally got word back from my producer on the script  wrote for the show. Kind of what I expected at this point. I think I should have put more work in to it, but I had the LA gathering at the same time, so I partied a little more than I worked. Such is life. I think I represented myself enough that I’ll get a second chance to do something.

Here’s the email I just got.

Hi Sam –

Thanks for your spec script on *name removed*.  Both The Head Writer and I reviewed it and it’s
a solid first effort.  Given the schedule we have and the demands of the
script in the edit bay, we need to go with more experienced writers for
these programs.  We will not be able to give you a script to write for this
current order.

Thanks for your interest in doing more for the show.  Maybe there’s
something we can work on together down the road.

– Your Boss Person



January 29, 2008

Life Banner
Last night I sat around, at the cafe drinking coffee and doing mostly nothing. And by nothing I mean stealing glances at the girl sitting across from me. Cause really when it all comes down to everything in life, it’s all about stolen glances. There’s truly little else worth doing.

However stealing glances doesn’t put food on the table, or novels in the book store. A 30 something African American woman named Mary however just might.

I’m sitting around doing nothing, starring, drinking, IMing, takingCoffee at Solar De Cahuenga pictures of my coffee cup when this woman appears from the ether and declares “I see you everywhere. everywhere. and always walking.” So I know if must be me. Even though she sites an example “I just saw you walking on Melrose”. Never happened, but I assume she’s just confusing one place for another, or one of my many doppelgangers has infiltrated her synapses. Normally I’m compelled to correct someon. Tell them it wasn’t me, but I suppose telling people they’re wrong is negative. For whatever reason I don’t. I introduce myself to Mary and she asks me:

“Are you a writer?”
“Not yet, not published.”
“I am. Published. next time you see me sit down and we’ll talk agents.”

Is it really that easy? Can the help of a complete stranger be all I’ve been waiting for?
Last night while I was standing in front of the mirror I got the urge to read my novel again.
I can’t remember what triggered it, in fact it’s been awhile since I didn’t feel like “ug, the novel”

Coffee Makes it Better

January 25, 2008

Life BannerCafeCam-2

So I’m sitting here at the cafe, 10pm at night drinking my typical 2 dollar coffee. I’m making plans. Trying to be productive at all costs. As far as actually writing is concerned this will have to qualify, tonight business is setting up routines and plans. Gotta get back to submitting things.

It’s been possibly the longest week at work, and this weekend feels so short. Feels accounted for and nearly over. But I’m not even making plans. I’m not trying to figure out when I’m going to do anything.

Right now, it’s just me and coffee. Me and the dark brown overlord of calm. Me and a free ticket to “get the fuck out of your headsville”. Oh yea this is good shit.
writingI like these moments. It’s the one time I don’t mind be alone. So I’m actually sitting here writing double, pulling it old school at the same time. That’s my chicken scratch over there. I’m writing about the horrible connection problems I was having at the cafe ad the exact opposite stuff I was just talking about, not planning. Ah hypocrisy I love thee so.

I could just sit here for eternity snapping pics and blogging, if only.

Whelp, the weekend just begins. Time to zone out and day dream some more.

Working on Not Working

January 24, 2008

Life Banner

For starters, life gets in the way. At least that’s the excuse I’m going with. It’s so easy to sit back and say “I work 50 hours a week, when am I supposed to find time to send out query letters and submissions?” Yea so that’s the excuse I’m sticking with. I know. I know I sit around for about 6 hours after I get home from work doing next to nothing socializing with friends online. But I’ve come to realize, I kind of need that. It’s an important part of my routine. Thought possibly to much of a good thing. So somewhere I need to find a balance.

I think I worry that if I disappear for a day or two, internet friend (clearly having ADHD) will move on to other people. I know this is not the case. I’ve been gone before. So it’s just some combination of excuse and lethargy.

Submissions Title Graphic

I have my research, my 5 magazines I looked up earlier in the week. Just gotta put it out there. I feel like I need a better system. I way of organizing things that also acts to motivate me. Something physical, visual and ever present – not just some spread sheet on the computer.Speaking of which, I have no idea where my spreadsheet is. I should find that, I’m sure it made it to this computer.

Well I spent ten minutes looking around, I don’t see it. It’s probably on the external drive at home. But honestly it never did much to motivate me.

Anyone out there have a sample of their submissions in the form of a spreadsheet, chart or other format?

So I guess it’s time to really look at what’s a valid excuse and what’s just waisted time. Hell I’m pulling off these blogs from work itself, so who knows maybe I can send out submissions as well.

Tonight when I get home I’ll pull out the binder of poems for submissions. Gonna start cleaning up the apartment, by the time Tony moves out it should be cleanish again. I should be able to pull of sending out one submission a night. Hell I’ve got enough material to pull that off for at least a few weeks straight.

Starting February that’s my goal. But for now I just want to get organized, that’s never been my strong point. I need lessons.

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