In The Begining…

Once a long time ago, in a land… oh wait, I mean youtube.

    If you already know me, chances are it’s from Youtube. Chances are greater still you saw my featured video about creating a little 8 page booklet form a single sheet of paper; and I guess that’s not so inappropriate. I have always followed a path to create myself in to a writer, a man of words and epic journeys. Yet I’ve always be the man spouting “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

    So of course it’s the video that combines both the elements of Publishing and DIY that gets me known. Well here in this blog, I’m going to be accompanying my video series The Path to Publication.

    I will talk about everything I do or don’t do. The agents, managers, publishing houses, etc I’m looking at. I’ll be exploring my own writing, and elements of writing.

    To get my feet wet and find my voice for this blog, I’m probably going to look back to the handful of PtoP videos I already have out there and tack on some new notes.

    Please join me on my Path to Publication.

    It’s a new age and the publishing world is changing fast.
    ask me questions, let me know about your own experience, hell tell me I’m wrong – but let’s help each other out.

    and in case you missed it, here’s the Zine video:


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    One Response to “In The Begining…”

    1. Dustin Says:

      You, sir, are wrong. (i will try to say that with a straight face)

      This stuff interests me because i have some of the same goals in mind, but haven’t put the effort into actually getting published.

      Good luck.

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