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Well it’s still a few months away but it’s not too soon to start thinking about Script Frenzy (

If you were with me in the fall you remember my run for Nanowrimo. Well Script Frenzy is the same thing, but for screen plays. Which makes it alot easier and a lot harder.

There’s a crucial difference between Novels and Scripts. Novels demand you let your imagination run, and your ink flow.

Scripts demand you say the most amount in the least amount of time. The key to script is rewriting, and rewriting and rewriting.

So it’s never too early to start thinking about your script for Script Frenzy. It’s funny I came here to talk about how Script Frenzy was odd because it was based on word count.. but as I went to check that info on the website i found this:

We’re moving the event to April, and changing the goal from 20,000 words to 100 pages.

And I have to say (having written 6 scripts in the past), this is a much more accurate goal for screen plays. In fact I’d actually say if you can finish 90 pages you’re gold.

I want to put this out there. There are 3 types of people doing script Frenzy.

1) The wanna be writers, who want to make a hollywood screenplay and sell it to the highest bidder for 6 figures.

2) the writer who just wants to see if he can get it done.

3) the independent film maker.

and I want to say, 100 pages is a very reasonable goal. it can be done, and in fact it can be done in a matter of days (like 2). Don’t look at this as a daunting task. It’s going to be easy, and along the way I’m going to give some tips I’ve picked up for writing screen plays and talk to those 3 different types of people as best I can.

Right now you’ve got months to go until SF starts in April, so just sit back and let your mind wander.

Oh yea My Script Frenzy Profile is at:

I’m thinking of opening my script idea up to my viewers, in which I’d give out some choices in the weeks before Script Frenzy to guide my hand… like what Genre, sub genre, etc…


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