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So if you’ve thought about writing the great American screenplay at all, you’ve probably tried to figure out how the hell to format everything. You do a little google searching and you’ll find a multitude of sites that provide answers, templates, yadda yadda yadda.

If you’ve ever tried using MS Word with these templates, well it’s amazing they actually work… in a clunky word sort of way. And if you’re on a mac the damn thing crashed every 4 minutes. But hey it works in a pinch.

Personally, I use final draft. I love final draft. In fact I use it for all my documents, screenplay or novel or just a quick scratch pad. the whole interface is intuitive. Keyboard short cuts and character, place, transition memories etc to minimize typing. Once you get it down, you’ll kick stuff out 10 times faster. But I know you don’t all have 140+ bucks for professional screen writing software.

So I wanted to offer up this program I found in my days without final draft. Yes, in those sad days when I upgraded to my laptop, having used up my installs on Final Draft that had been with me forever I turned to something else.

CelTx ( To start off with it’s free. It actually does more than final draft. It gives you sections to help you out in not just writing, but production as well. Storyboards, pictures, wardrobe it even helps you with a budget and production schedule.

Plus Celtx doesn’t stop at being software, it comes with a community of writers, and filmmakers. The forums & projects central area encourage people to meet each other, collaborate, share their work. It’s great. So check it out and see for yourself. And get ready for Script Frenzy!

Coming soon I ask you to help shape the movie I’ll write for Script Frenzy


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