Taking Chances

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So cross your fingers, throw your salt, taunt a woodchuck, whatever it is you do.

This was a weekend from chaos himself. The youtube gathering took place, I was a little under the weather, and on top of it I’d been given something amazing. It’s rare that I speak up at work, but I felt compelled to try for once. I’m working on a documentary series for the Travel Channel, called Food Paradise. Each episode has a different writer, so I ask my producer if I could try writing a segment.

And I know what you’re thinking, “But Sam what about the WGA writers strike?!” first off, don’t be so dramatic Mr. Interrobang. Secondly realty tv and documentary style shows aren’t sanctioned under the WGA/SAG labor unions. Yet at least. So no worries of being blacklisted.

Anyway, my producer says “I like giving people a chance, take home these discs and transcripts and do a 6 minute profile”. I ask what my deadline is, and she says “Monday”. Four Days, 5 discs, about 30 minutes a disc.

Last night I did the majority of the writing and formatting. It’s a special mix of copy/pasting sound bites from transcripts and creating visual cues to match the audio.

I struggled to get past the one page marc, then before I knew it I was at 12 pages and cutting back.

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from DJ RedBone

But at 2am, I had myself just tipping into 7 pages just over 6 minutes (in theory). I read it over three times and finally wrote the email and sent it off.

So in about 20 minutes my producer comes to work and I get to sit around wondering when she’ll have read it, and what she’ll think. This could very well drive me crazy. So in the meantime I’m going to what the impending Hollywood As One Gathering pictures and movies that should start flooding the internet.

So wish me luck.


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