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Youtube Art & Writing Contest

February 29, 2008

Submissions Title Graphic

Welcome to the First Real Youtube Art & Writing Contest
and yours truly is a judge. And the entries are pouring in already. Yay.

From the Press Release:
There remains no category on YouTube for art and literature. Which isn’t to say writers and artists aren’t taking advantage of the site. One artist, who goes by the handle ValsArtDiary, records her weekly process of making a painting, puts the video on YouTube, and within hours of posting has bids for her work Ebay. Take that Picasso!

To prove to the YouTube brain trust that there is a demand for good writing and fine art, Jaffe is launching a literature-and-arts contest dubbed “TubeArts”. Sponsors, a social networking site geared to help students write academic papers, and, a non-profit that helps provide artists with important services like healthcare, are each contributing $600 in prize money. Additionally, Fracture Atlas has offered all artists who participate in the contest a free one-year membership to their site.

The contest video can be seen at , Jaffe’s YouTube channel. And the contest judges are all YouTubers with outstanding credentials.

The Art Judges
* ElecticAsylumArt
* ValsArtDiary
* Paperlilies
The Writing Judges
* VlogBrothers
* SamProof
* NewWarriorMan


Excuses & Script Frenzy

February 18, 2008

Ptop Script Frenzy banner

I know I know, I said originally I’d do a new Path to Publication video every 2 weeks.. and I think I managed to do three of them on that schedule.

Then the world too over with it’s whole – real worldieness.


So yea, I mean this is how it is as a writer, or any kind of creative person. You have this idealistic creative dreamer side of “what ifs” and “ones days” and at the end of the month you have to pay the bills. So there is a delicate balance of making a living without falling to the Golden handcuffs.

I feel like I’ve maybe I’ve found a trap in the jobs I take. For almost a decade now I’ve worked in Film and TV production, and it’s fun, often inspiring and easy going (for the most part). But there in lies the rub, I feel like I am doing creative things, but for other people and thus maybe I slack on my own creative process even more. But I’m content, happy, at ease (for the most part).

I wrote my novel while I was working at a horrible customer service job (for the most part). It was, in a sense a rebellion against the job. So am I slacking now because I’m comfortable? Or am I really working 50 hours a week and need to use my free time to just veg out.

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