Getting Gone Going

Submissions Title Graphic

I can’t even remember the last time I sent out a query letter. I think it was back in 07. Hell it was in a video I did. (see below)

So today after getting a slice of pizza I walked down to Borders and sat with the computer and a copy of 2 giant books.


I then spent a few hours just typing in information into an Excel spreadsheet and created myself a little form with the agencies info, contact, email, URL etc. as well as my own progress fields: Query sent, response, synopsis/manuscript sent, etc. These latter fields all to correspond to dates on which these hopeful events will have happened.

So now after retooling my query letter, updating the bio paragraph I’m ready to start sending query letters out to potential agents again.

Sometimes you just have to get sick and tired of doing nothing and nothing happening, and that’s where I’m at. I’ve been so busy with my job and videos that I haven’t done a damn thing. The thing is I want to know that I tried. If I try and fail, then I can blame the system, the people, the publishing world. But if I do nothing, and it get me nowhere then that’s my fault.

So back to trying.

While I’m doing all this, organizing all this, I’m thinking once I’ve sent off all the letters I’ll create a page or pages on here with all the agent info. I know it’s all probably out there a million times, but why shouldn’t it be here.

So look for that. and here’s the video I referenced at the beginning.

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2 Responses to “Getting Gone Going”

  1. John Says:

    If at first you don’t succeed… get a better agent. 😉

  2. Erin Says:

    Hey Sam. About the bio section of the query letters… I’ve heard lots of things about this. One, that it is just for experienced writers who have published stuff in magazines or have gotten some type of award for writing. Some people have told me to leave this part out because I have nothing of value to add. Then other people say to put stuff in… get creative. I don’t know what to do really… it is not like I have any evidence that I am an amazing writer… I just have my novel.

    But in my queries I have always left the bio part out… granted all of these have been rejected. I wish there was a standared way for writing these damn things! But some agents do tell you want they want.

    I am also afraid that if I give my age (22) I am going to get rejected because I am still youngish. But I didn’t think 22 was young when I was 7 dammit! So agents shouldn’t think so either.

    What do you put in your bio paragraph?

    Oh and my friend just got an e-mail from James Rollins/Clemens ( he writes under 2 names) about standardized manuscript format. I have already pieced together what this is but I think this e-mail could be useful. If you want I can forward it to you once my friend forwards it to me.


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