Script Frenzy Poll #1 – Character Driver VS Plot Driven

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So With Script Frenzy fast approaching I’m going to take a radical new approach to my writing in that, I’m going to let you boss me around.

You will guide me through a series of questions and polls to making a movie that you want to see.

This time it’s simple you have Two Choices:

Click to Vote here

Submit to the poll, leave comments on the videos

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2 Responses to “Script Frenzy Poll #1 – Character Driver VS Plot Driven”

  1. Leesa Says:

    I was reading Stephen King the other day, and he seems to favor character driven books. As far as movies go, I could go either way. Guess that makes me bi; and I am comfortable with that. So I decided to go with Mr. King on the poll. Character driven. And who says you can’t, er, tag a few women in a character driven movie?

    Who is the woman in the video? Anothe VLOGger? She looks familar, but I can’t place her.

  2. John Says:

    It seems extraordinarily cynical to think you can’t have a script that is driven by a combination of character development AND plot. Indeed I think the best scripts are character driven in ways that are ultimately important FOR the plot. Its all got to be moving in the same direction, for prosody’s sake.

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