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So here’s the list of Genre’s as Script Frenzy presents them. (see below for what I consider a more accurate genre list in general). Based on the knowledge that I’m going to be attempting to write a film I can produce myself, I’m going to cut some of these genres out. Thus a new list of 7 Genre’s remains. (and yes I’m calling it 7 even though script frenzy groups some of them they really are separate.)

This is a list of some of my favorite movies in the genre’s I’m putting to the vote.

Action/Adventure – Pan’s Labrynth, the Golden Compass , Raiders of the Lost arc
Comedy – Animal House, Ghost Busters,
Drama – Fight Club,
Horror – Cloverfield, Jesus Christ Vampier Hunter, HellRaiser
Science Fiction/Fanasty – Serenity, Constantine, Lord of the Rings

You’ll actually notice that often there’s some cross over in genre. Ghostbusters could easily be called a Sci-Fi movie. Fight Club, though dark, could easily be called a Comedy. And so on. So vote till your heart is content. provides this list 11 Main Genres that cover the basis of all films.’

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime/Gangster, Drama, Epics/Historical, Horror, Musicals, Science Fiction, War, Westerns

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4 Responses to “Genre – Script Frenzy”

  1. Annie Says:


  2. Peter Schindelman Says:

    I vote for a comedy. (I can use a good laugh.)

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for mentioning Musical in your video! It was an oversight here at Script Frenzy headquarters and we are fixing it.

    Here’s to fearless writing,

  4. R.C. Donalds Says:

    Dude I love your videos! I thinking about Xulon Press ( not sure but it sound pretty cool. I Christian writer but not wanting to be a typical Christian writer. Just looking for some input. I working on a 13,000 to 15,000 word thriller. I dont want to stay self published but think it would help me get started.

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