Dust Off That Book Shelf, I’m back

I’ve gotta keep on myself to update things. I often let some website/project/etc fall to the waist side as something else over takes my life. In this case it was pretty much just life itself. Well Work life, social life, etc.

yes I like saying etc. today.

The Path to Publications videos are coming back

Recently a few people have contacted me asking about them, talking about them in general, etc (see). So you guys got it back in my head. I need to make those videos. I’m going to try cranking them out on my original schedule of every other Sunday. Starting this coming Sunday.

It really helps motivate me when you guys are talking about something.

So please leave comments, email me or…. (you though I was gonna say etc didn’t you?)

Join up to the new Path to Publication group I started on http://samproof.ning.com


You’ll need to sign up, create an account and then join the PtoP group. But it’s all free. if you’re unfamiliar with ning, it’s a niche oriented version of myspace. A myspace builder if you will, so I did. So please come on by create an account join the PtoP group and start meeting your fellow writers. Share links, stories, etc. (yay I did it again).

Print on Demand (POD)Future blog entries and episodes of the video series I want to start reviewing more websites, services and things you want to know about. Much like the video I did about POD (Path to Publication : Print on Demand (POD)).

So go to the Path to Publication‘ thread and drop any links to things you’d like me to review on the PtoP

Drop links to your own websites, writings, etc on the ‘Your Links’ Your Links

Or Add a new Discussion

So get in there and start talking to other writers, ask me questions, and etc your little hearts out!

and a new PtoP video coming Sunday!

Stay Strong



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