Nanowrimo Tip of the Day Clean Up Your Act

Nanowrimo is mere days away, so you’ve got something important to do.

Take a second, don’t freak out. I know you’re think “what what, I’ve got my concept, I’ve got characters laid out, and outline made, I’ve scheduled all my time, told my family to piss off, I’ve even choreographed a performance piece inspired by my themes”

Okay first off, who the hell told you to do perfomance art?

Second off. Clean.

Go to your desk, your office, your laptop and clean.

It’s a great place to get lost and procrastinate once you’ve started writing, so get it out of the way now. Don’t give yourself the chance to procrastinate later. Clean everything. Clean your whole day house.

A clean work environment will not only stop giving you things to procrastinate with, but will also make things more condusive to focussing on the task at hand. You’ll be all proud at the nice way things are, and it smells all lemony instead of that usual dust smell.

And when then house is clean, open up the lapto, desktop, pda, iphone wherever it is you’re going to be writing and do the same.

  • Answer all your emails right now.
  • Pay your bills.
  • Take out the trash
  • Clean the litter box
  • Clean the fridge
  • Clean the kids
  • Replace that burnt out light bulb
  • Check the air in your tires
  • Fill up your tank

any little thing that you could possibly come to obsses over when it comes time to start writing, get it done NOW


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2 Responses to “Nanowrimo Tip of the Day Clean Up Your Act”

  1. John Lacey Says:

    The closer it gets… the more terrified I become. lol

  2. samproof Says:

    There’s nothing to fear but the expectation that you’re going to do something amazing.

    If you go in to this thinking “I’m going to do something horrible (and then in the following months re-write and edit)” then you actually stand a chance.

    I just scheduled a blog all about this, comes out on the 2nd after people have had a taste of the fear for themselves. šŸ˜€

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