Nanowrimo Check in : Day 1

Alright kids

it’s Day 1. This should be a cake walk, this should be the easiest day ever. You’ve had weeks to let the ideas stew and you’ve kept the crock pot lid jammed on tight, with a brick on there for good measure and now you finally got to let it out in a blitzkrieg of ink, words and ideas.

1667 words. that’s mean average. If you’re writing every day. So where do you stand?

Did you get there, pass it, are you tucked away in the fetal position rocking back and forth chanting “it can see me”?


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One Response to “Nanowrimo Check in : Day 1”

  1. John Lacey Says:

    The last one. lol. I didn’t write a single word. Well I mean I did write a private blog entry freaking out about it. But beyond that, nothing. But it’ll be okay. I’ll write something today. I think you’re right. I just need to leave my expectations at the door. Just see what happens…

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