Nanowrimo – Being More Efficiant

You’re failing.

You’re taking longer than you want to get to your word count.

You’re not even getting to the word count you set for yourself.

You sit there looking at the screen and you’re kicking yourself over and over again.

So what’s happening? It’s 5 days in, the first week is almost over. You should be at 12,500 words very soon but you’re not even close are you? You probably already know what you’re doing wrong, where your wasting all your time, how you’re procrastinating on this.

Cut Out All Distractions
When you sit down at your computer, word processor, pad of paper, w/e tell yourself you’re there to write and that’s it.turn off all other applications & Programs. Check your email for the last time and close it. Quit your instant messenger program. Close facebook. Tell your friends and family that knocking on your door will result in death by firing squad. Turn off the phone – and if you find yourself being distracted by the TV or iTunes turn it off.

  • shut off all programs
  • turn off your phone
  • hide from friends and family
  • turn off the tv/radio/iTunes

Do Not Edit
One of the biggest things that will impede your writing is editing while you write. Just learn to leave mistakes. Don’t go back and fix thigns just cause MS Word has underlined it in a red or green squiggle. You’ll waste your time. This month is called “National Novel Writing Month” not national editing month.

  • Do not spell check
  • Do not grammar check
  • Do not research

Stop editing. They beauty about your built in spell check and grammar check, is that those little red and green squiggles will be there 30 days from now when the month is over and let you go fix those mistakes at that point.

Fixing things as you type not only wastes your time but it actually slows your creative flow and puts barriers in the way of your progessing the story. So let it pass.

Lastly don’t go off in the middle of your writing session to research “the ideal name for this character” or “that capital of Sri Lanka” or “is there an insect that can kill an elephant?”. Again you’ll impede your flow, hinder your creative process and waste time with which you could be writing. Make something up, and if you can’t make something up, make a note of somekind.

Keep writing.

And for god’s sakes don’t stop writing just to write a blog post about what’s hindering your own writing process. … Oh shit… Gaaaaah!


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