Nanowrimo Nay Sayers


There’s a lot of people out there, presumably writers that scoff at Nanowrimo, look down upon it, mock it openly. They say things like “it’s quantity over quality” or “I like Pepsi better than Coke”, ok maybe that has nothing to do with Nanowrimo but those people are crazy as well.

Here’s the thing, given a different point in my life, or if I’d just learned of Nanowrimo on a bad day I might easily have fallen in to being one of Those People. Hell when I hear from a friend that some friend of theirs “won nanowrimo” and was apparently gloting about it, I’m like “wtf, you didn’t win a pulitzer, you wrote stuff”. But hey that’s what it’s all about – writing stuff.


Nanowrimo - anyone can be a writer...

So here’s the deal, these people out there saying all you’re doing is sacrificing quality to write a novel, well hell they’re exactly right. That’s the goal, get it done at all costs. But when those same people imply that they could some how write a better novel in 30 days, well they’re full of shit.

The goal of nanowrimo is not to have a polished book at the end of 30 days, anyone that thinks they cant sit down and have a 50,000 word novel finished and have it be worthy of publishing in one shot is delusional.


If you’ve come this far and you’re still questioning you’re own abilities, if you’re losing steam, if you’re doing what I’m doing and finding yourself 5000 words behind the daily goal (and you’re bloggin instead of writing) then here’s what I’m going to tell you:

This isn’t over Dec 1st.

Winning and losing Nanowrimo is exactly what the little sarcasticlly funny poster says. It’s Arbitrary, it’s just a goal to get you pumping words out. So stop reading this blog and start pumping words out.

The thing is, like I said you’re not going to have a perfect novel Dec 1st. No writer has ever sat down and pumped out a perfect novel. Not Stephen King, not Dostoievski, not me and not you. The best writers are re-writers. They’ll go over the same manuscript several times, not just cleaning up grammer and punctuation, but scenes, story lines, entire chapters.

These things aren’t set in stone once you’ve written them, so go crazy and write crazy because you can clean it up later, you can make it make sense later, you can make the prose float across the page later.

Now, you need to be writing.

Enough from me, I need to be writing. I’m at 34k words! Got a hard push coming.

So how far are you?

Are you going to make 50k?


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3 Responses to “Nanowrimo Nay Sayers”

  1. Assentia Says:

    I have my word counter on my page, so that fellow writers can prod me (or kick me) if I lag. Works a charm so far.

    I can’t speak for others, but I prefer to have 50K of crap on a story by December 1 than nothing at all.

    Keep up the good work. Chris is bang on the buck in his pep talk about the power of deadlines.

  2. C.J. Harley Says:

    I have just under 3K to write. I know I am going to met my deadline and claim my win on November 30th!

  3. Buckshot George Says:

    I ended with a good story that is terribly written. I figure I can do a chapter a week and it’ll be pretty good in rewrite. Nanowrimo was not a waste of my time.

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