Winning Nanowrimo – the Final Push

So here it is I’ve been up forever, in the last 24 hours I pushed out over 12,000 words to make it over the finish line and beyond with 50,216 words. I went a little head strong , couldn’t bare the thought of having to wait to that last moment, so I pushed and pushed all day writing for a few thousands words a stretch and then going off to do something else briefly, eat pizza, get a cup of coffee, go live on and talk to friends. But I kept forcing myself back to writing. And now at 3am I’m going to fricken sleep.
2 days ago the Nanowrimo Report told me it was going to take something like 11 days for me to finish the novel. So to that I say eat this:

You Won!
Look for a new Path to Publication video about the strategy I used this year, and what’s next to come with my nanowrimo novel manuscript! Look for videos here: The Path Video Playlist


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2 Responses to “Winning Nanowrimo – the Final Push”

  1. dianecurran Says:

    Congratulations!!! Always good to outwit the Nano report card.

    You deserve sleep.

    I’m going to try to push through to 60k tonight, then 65k by the end.

  2. C.J. Harley Says:

    Congrats Sam! I’m finishing mine up today. :o)

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