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Getting a Jump On New Years

December 28, 2008

Life Banner

I’m not even going to bother talking about New years resolutions. it’s obvious, getting published. So yesterday I sat down at borders for a couple hours with the 2009 edition of the writers market and I copied over in to my handy little Excel spreadsheet, all the New literary agents that A) accepted email queries or B) had websites.

I got a pretty big list from there, and that’s where I’m going to start sending my query letters for ‘Gone’ my first novel. In the meantime I’m going to start polishing ‘The Brood’ my second novel, which is a vampire novel. So hopefully I can pull some eyes from the twilight craze right now.

Submissions Title Graphic

And with that I shot off two quick emails to different literary agents, noted the sent date on my spread sheet and now I wait. It’s my goal to send out 3 to 5 query emails every Sunday. I’m keeping the number small so I can research each agent and customize the email/letter as needed to hopefully attract the agent.

Stay Strong



Getting Big Results From

December 28, 2008


In a previous blog post I mentioned a referring link that promised to return hundreds of views.

And to be honest, because I posted that entry I got nearly 500 views in 24 hours. However the drop off rate was instant and the minute my blog wasn’t the number 1 or 2 Blogs That Mention I seemed to lose all traffic from the site whatsoever. even as I feed my URL in to the ‘reading cycle’ to notify readers I didn’t seem to get results (or at least nothing neerly noticeable or worth the time of contiually going back to the site daily to feed in my URL.

So I’ve come to determine that currently unless you want to simply make a blog devoted to talking about alphainventions it’s uses are currently limited.

and with that, let’s get back to talking about writing and publishing!

Blog promotion &

December 23, 2008


So I found a referring link on one of my other blogs to a site called which promises some amount of increased traffic and such.

I was just wondering what sites you all use to promote your blogs (especially writer blogs)

Video Submissions!

December 22, 2008

Submissions Title Graphic

It’s been a while since I’ve sent a letter too anyone let alone a submission. I know what you’re thinking “Um Sam, it’s the holidays”, yea yea I suck or I do virtually. It’s the path I’ve chosen as a starving artist. Good times.

However today I would like to announce I’ve gotten off my lazy ass (so to speak) and sent off a submission. Now technically I did this via email, so I did all this while on my lazy ass but it still got sent.

It’s nothing big, it’s actually a video submission, and though not a video jam packed with mouth watering fluid prose, or dialogue at all so much, I did write something. “Make video of snowman”. So anyway that’s off to Upright Citizens Brigade and Tomorrow I’m dropping off a DVD of this video and a few others at IO West.

Here’s the video in question

Happy Holidays!


and now I’ve made a shirt See my gallery at Zazzle

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