Video Submissions!

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It’s been a while since I’ve sent a letter too anyone let alone a submission. I know what you’re thinking “Um Sam, it’s the holidays”, yea yea I suck or I do virtually. It’s the path I’ve chosen as a starving artist. Good times.

However today I would like to announce I’ve gotten off my lazy ass (so to speak) and sent off a submission. Now technically I did this via email, so I did all this while on my lazy ass but it still got sent.

It’s nothing big, it’s actually a video submission, and though not a video jam packed with mouth watering fluid prose, or dialogue at all so much, I did write something. “Make video of snowman”. So anyway that’s off to Upright Citizens Brigade and Tomorrow I’m dropping off a DVD of this video and a few others at IO West.

Here’s the video in question

Happy Holidays!


and now I’ve made a shirt See my gallery at Zazzle


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2 Responses to “Video Submissions!”

  1. The Totton linnet Says:

    Really smart blog, I like your style 🙂

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