How to Get Excited About Waiting

Submissions Title Graphic

Ok real quick let me catch you up. Last week I ended up working on a über small indie project ‘Shore Front Property’. Had myself one whole line, which I’m pretty happy with.

Anyway, the point is, the writer/director introduced me to the Executive Producer. So before I left I asked the XP (I just made that abbreviation up, it so doesn’t exist), how often they took on new projects and let him know I had a few things that might work with them.

He gave me his card and I just got around to sending him an email. So now we wait.

I gotta say the more I think about this the more I think I could straight out make a feature length movie on my own. But the thought that someone else would produce it is even more exciting to me, because they have the distribution connections. Plus, this would get me in to the Writer Guild and getting an agent to sell my other scripts would be almost a lock. Which means getting an agent to sell my novels would be almost as easily foreseen.

So that’s where I’m at, in the land of delusional fantasies.

• But chaulk this up as a submission!  -It’s the most I’ve done in like a week. So that’s good.

I’ve gotta get back on sending out query letters and submitting to magazines. Need to get organized.

So where are you at?


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