Some Sketchy News

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I recently put together a writing group for sketch comedy; live and video.

This Friday I’ll be putting up my 2nd sketch at Upright Citizen’s Brigade’s ‘Not Too Shabby’.
Shabby is a chance for anyone to try out a sketch on stage, it’s free to the audience and the artists.

Tuesday I’ll be having rehersals with my actors. I can’t wait this is the first real rehersal I’ll have organized for a sketch of my own. That’s new and different.

Friday at midnight the sketch goes up – provided I get picked from the lottery system.

Assuming the sketch goes up and the aduience laughs, I’ll take the sketch to video. If they chuckle a little I’ll try to rewrite it. If they boo, then it goes away.

My Connection to MadTV

So this just in. I just signed up for a sketch writing class (also at UCB) with Colton Dunn

Colton was a writer on the last season of MadTV and was on one of the longest running cagematch champions at UCB called by several names though ‘Kaploosh’ and ‘Kadammit’ were the two longest running incarnations.

I also consider him a friend, though probably heavy on the acquaintance side of things.

So the class starts in 2 weeks, and will make Saturdays’ a 6 hr class day for me. 3 Hours of improv, then 3 hours of sketch writing. The beauty of this of course being, anything that worked in the improv class I may be able to bring over to the sketch class to make better. So this works out brilliantly.

My main goal here is:
A) put together a sketch packet to attract an agent
B) write at least 1 sketch I can film per month
C) create enough stuff that I can do a 20 minute show at UCB

so that’s what’s new with me


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4 Responses to “Some Sketchy News”

  1. John Lacey Says:

    Sounds good!

  2. WritingJonah Says:

    Good luck, dude. I’m sure the sketch will be awesome. And if not, you can always make a sketch out of the situation if it’s sad enough to make it funny. Yeah, life works if you use a lasso. Indiana Jones uses a lasso and he kicks ass.

    • samproof Says:

      @WritingJonah But traditionally, and more often he uses a Whip.. so what does that tell me, instead of pulling things in I should lash out and tear stuff up?

      Done and done 😀

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