Napowrimo = samproofbreako

Hey Folks,

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. If you’ve paid attention to my life you know I’m cyclical in my projects. So I’ll be back here posting writing tips and tricks and my own progress asap.

Life Banner

Actually here’s a quick life update. I just finished Upright Citizens brigade’s Sketch 201 class.
We have a class show, I was in 4 sketches – twice as girls. And I had one sketch up on stage. Video clips are coming. I’ll probably put them on

So what am I spending all my time on? Napowrimo (and dash30dash)

It’s April,which is national poetry month – it’s also the time when poets from around the world challenge themselves to write a poem everyday for 30 days.

Dash30dash is featuring 5 poems everyday, as well as posting a new poetry challenge everyday.
It’s great, cause there’s a whole community of people doing it and we’ve just launched our own community for poets and artists alike at it’s growing pretty fast 2 or 3 new faces a day! (btw there’s also people from Script Frenzy in the community)

Visit -30- Community : A Napowrimo host

So thats what I’m up to right now, as well as trying to organize sketches for a one time spank show at Upright Citizes Brigade and writing a new web series.

Stay Strong



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