Begining to Get Gone

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This is gonna get confusing. I’m about to blog about blogging on another blog.

Trust me. I get it. I’m asking for you to get lost immediately.

Today I made a declaration. I set a deadline for my life. Kind of like Aaron Farr (my main character) does in Gone.

In 30 days, one way or another I’m publishing my novel. (well 29 now)

In the next 29 days I’m going to be trying to do a lot of things including:

  • contacting publishers
  • contacting literary agents
  • researching self publishers and POD sites
  • begging them to publish me 😉
  • trying to create a social media buzz about my novel
  • trying to get people to join the facebook fanpage

My goal is to use Social Media to transcend the red tape of traditional media.

That is, my end goal is to have my book on the shelves of every Borders and Barnes & Noble out there.

Now I know that, that itself won’t happen in 30 days. I can wait for that. If it takes a year, two years, 5 years that’s fine. It’s going to happen.

Right now I just want to move forward – I want my novel to stop gathering dust, and start gathering fanatic fans.

Fanatic fans is exactly what happens to Aaron Farr. He puts his life on the internet, and one day the world knows who he is, and they want him. Some people want to love him and other’s want to kill him. And all he wants, is to get out of Nevada.

All I want is for my book to get out of my computer and in to the world’s hands.

This is Gone. It’s the closest thing I have to a child. I want to share it with the world.


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2 Responses to “Begining to Get Gone”

  1. The Joker Bone Girl Says:

    Try Lulu. I use them. I love them.

    • samproof Says:

      Yea they’re one of the companies I have under the microscope. But I can’t seem to find info on the pricing of actually printing a bulk run of books through them anywhere.

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