Follow Your Dreams

Last night I created the fanpage for a novel that only exists on my computer.

I put it out there that my goal is to get 50,000 fans to follow the site for this thing only a very select few have read yet (less then the amount of fingers I have).

Last night I said “I’m not going to sleep till I 20 people follow it”.

When I woke up this morning the fanpage had over 120 followers. As I sit here typing the tally has risen to 160. And I thank each and everyone of you. In fact I have actually been trying to do just that. But it’s starting to get harder to keep up on who I haven’t thanked!

So know this – each and everyone of you is helping me accomplish something that’s taken me 36 years to realize.

I have always wanted to be a published novelist. I’ve always had faith in my ability, but for some reason the route of traditional print media seemed mystical and to exclusive to break in to.

But the tides are turning, and print media is almost the after thought to Social media.

We all have dreams, and at some point most of us settle for something safe, that pays well and our spouse doesn’t nag us about.

I’ve never strayed far from my dreams. Maybe I’m an idiot for not finding an easier life to live. But this is my path, to follow this dream to completion. And the thing is, in this internet world – I believe we can all do just that. We can all follow our dreams.

So tell me your dreams – and again, thank you for helping with mine.

Stay Strong,



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