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Top Story Weekly – Double Down

April 14, 2010

Just turned in a new sketch for Topstoryweekly on the new KFC Double down. It’s actually 6 individual short, 30 second commercial parody pieces.

I have a pretty good feeling most of it will be used in this Sunday’s show, but I’m also tempted to turn them into videos. I just don’t know if I can bring myself to buy a double down, and the other various things I’d need to make said video.

Totally counts toward my Script frenzy count.. woo whoo 9 pages!


Watching the Plate Boil

April 2, 2008

Submissions Title Graphic

So it’s been awhile since I sent out about a dozen query letters and today I finally heard back from one of the agencies in yet another standard rejection letter.

Thank you for sending your query. This is an interesting project, but I’m afraid it’s not a good match for us.

Still, I hope you will continue to send this out. If you haven’t done so already, you may wish to look at The Jeff Herman Guide to Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents – there, you should be able to find someone who’s a better fit for your work.

Best of luck with this and future projects.

Pretty much boiler plate, so it’s hard to really feel anything more then “whatever”, time to push on to the next round. Still waiting to hear back from the one agent that requested the first few chapters. I suspect she hasn’t even gotten around to reading them yet.

In other news. Script Frenzy Started:

Ptop Script Frenzy banner

I haven’t had a chance to really write anything yet, and in fact I’m a little torn on exactly what story I want tell. The premise I have, the backdrop rather but it’s finding the characters and the story within that, that I want to tell. I’m feeling somewhat inspired by Cloverfield in which the focus was around these characters that are trapped by this horrible event and unlike the Horrible remake of Godzilla we barely enter that story and just stick with the characters.

So it becomes about learning who my characters are.

Gears are in motion, I really have till Saturday to do my push.
By Saturday I have to start writing something and lock on target the story.

Fade In

March 31, 2008

Ptop Script Frenzy banner

So Script Frenzy is coming in 2 hours, well even less than that. I’ve made a point to not actually write a single thing. I know people have been already outlining things, writing character descriptions things like that. but I really want to see what can be done in a month. In All honesty I’m counting on a somewhat quick then stalled start.

I’m going to start with writing a rough concept. My first day will not even be a page of work. I’m planning on 3 sentences to sum up the story. I haven’t even begun to think about them. I know the movie I want to write, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and thankfully the video watching community was on the same track as me with the Sci-Fi genre closely followed by action/adventure.

And so it goes come midnight I’ll be writing a concept my friend Zack and I came up with Lobster Wars. well, Lobster Vaws! cause everything is better in a German accent. That and there’s some show about lobster fishers with the same name. But seriously… what do you want to see people opening lobster cages or Giant Fucking Robotic Lobsters fighting Mutant Lobsters!

I think we all know the right choice.

Lobster Dogs


Oh yea I started a blog devoted to the concept at
There’s a bunch more pictures and more to come. I’ll be talking about the creation process here and then posting things like chunks of text and pictures in that blog. So anyone not so interested in the writing side of things, can just go watch that section for awesome lobster action!

anyway back to the plan of attack for Script Frenzy. So with the goal of 100 pages, 25 pages a week, 3.33 pages a day… or something. Here’s my plan of attack for the first week.

Week 1

  • Step 1 – three sentences to explain the beginning, climax and end of the story
  • Step 2 – write a short 2 to 3 pages story in normal prose to explore the story further, following loosely the hero’s journey concept.
  • Step 3- break previous writing in to scenes and format in Final Draft

and that’s basically it. I’m sort of not counting on getting a lot of writing done until this weekend, and then just Friday night and primarily Saturday where I’ll be hosting a write out at Solar de Cahuenga in Hollywood from 3 to 6pm for anyone local.

So that’s phase one of my script Frenzy plan of attack.

Genre – Script Frenzy

March 23, 2008

Ptop Script Frenzy banner

So here’s the list of Genre’s as Script Frenzy presents them. (see below for what I consider a more accurate genre list in general). Based on the knowledge that I’m going to be attempting to write a film I can produce myself, I’m going to cut some of these genres out. Thus a new list of 7 Genre’s remains. (and yes I’m calling it 7 even though script frenzy groups some of them they really are separate.)

This is a list of some of my favorite movies in the genre’s I’m putting to the vote.

Action/Adventure – Pan’s Labrynth, the Golden Compass , Raiders of the Lost arc
Comedy – Animal House, Ghost Busters,
Drama – Fight Club,
Horror – Cloverfield, Jesus Christ Vampier Hunter, HellRaiser
Science Fiction/Fanasty – Serenity, Constantine, Lord of the Rings

You’ll actually notice that often there’s some cross over in genre. Ghostbusters could easily be called a Sci-Fi movie. Fight Club, though dark, could easily be called a Comedy. And so on. So vote till your heart is content. provides this list 11 Main Genres that cover the basis of all films.’

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime/Gangster, Drama, Epics/Historical, Horror, Musicals, Science Fiction, War, Westerns

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