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Automated Query Letter Responses

April 13, 2010

You know it may be a little thing. I know it’s totally automated. It’s completely non-personal.

But getting an automated response to a submission really makes me feel like “hey, these guys may actually read this thing!”

I think maybe one out of five submissions I’ve sent comes back with an automated response.

If Gone‘s going to get published, it’s going to be a company that has their shit together. Maybe that means automated emails, maybe it doesn’t.


Submission Frenzy!

April 13, 2010

So today I’m going a little email crazy.

I’m shooting out as many emails as I can to Literary agents and small publishers as I can.

I don’t exactly recommend this. Normally I would advise taking a lot more time researching the individuals and the companies, making sure they’re accepting submissions currently, and that they have a history of publishing similar types of work. However my clock is running out and I need to make a push. as it is I probably won’t hear back from most, if any, of these people until after I’ve begun Self Publishing.

At this point, with the count down at 9 days, I’ve basically committed to doing it myself. aka Print on Demand/Self Publishing. So all I can hope for here is some kind of last second Hail Mary Pass or even just the chance to catch someone’s eye enough that they check up on me down the line, pull me aside, say “you’re uniforms crooked soldier. fix it” and then turn around to be the best damn Marine in the platoon.

So here we go shooting out a barrage of query letters hoping just one person out there decides to take a look.

This is why self publishing/POD houses flourish and traditional media consolidates. When you’re dealing with people’s dreams, they don’t want it resting on the  whims of one person. That’s all it takes – one publisher, one literary agent to say “Yea, I’ll back that” and boom – success, even if it’s a modicum of the stuff, it’s the kind of thing you take a trip back to your home town to bask in the glory of.

But with self publishing, you instantly succeed. Self gratification. Instant vanity, just add water.

Automatically your work is done, out there, omni present, and yet lost in a sea of dreams, and you’re value is unchanged.

So I’m moving on with the attempt to take the “do it yourself” to a level of recognition.

Less rambling, more emailing. Tomorrow we’re someone.

Rejection Happens

April 8, 2010

Well such is life. the other day I sent an email submission of to the people that put out “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and got this back

I really thought a company that would take a chance with re-writing classics might be more adventurous, or tuned in to the online zeitgeist. but apparently not.

I will say this.  At least I didn’t have to wait more then a few days to hear back. that’s actually very refreshing.

Onward ho!

How to Get Excited About Waiting

January 21, 2009

Submissions Title Graphic

Ok real quick let me catch you up. Last week I ended up working on a über small indie project ‘Shore Front Property’. Had myself one whole line, which I’m pretty happy with.

Anyway, the point is, the writer/director introduced me to the Executive Producer. So before I left I asked the XP (I just made that abbreviation up, it so doesn’t exist), how often they took on new projects and let him know I had a few things that might work with them.

He gave me his card and I just got around to sending him an email. So now we wait.

I gotta say the more I think about this the more I think I could straight out make a feature length movie on my own. But the thought that someone else would produce it is even more exciting to me, because they have the distribution connections. Plus, this would get me in to the Writer Guild and getting an agent to sell my other scripts would be almost a lock. Which means getting an agent to sell my novels would be almost as easily foreseen.

So that’s where I’m at, in the land of delusional fantasies.

• But chaulk this up as a submission!  -It’s the most I’ve done in like a week. So that’s good.

I’ve gotta get back on sending out query letters and submitting to magazines. Need to get organized.

So where are you at?

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