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That’s all she wrote (cause my boss is a woman, get it. duh)

January 30, 2008

Work Banner

Well I finally got word back from my producer on the script  wrote for the show. Kind of what I expected at this point. I think I should have put more work in to it, but I had the LA gathering at the same time, so I partied a little more than I worked. Such is life. I think I represented myself enough that I’ll get a second chance to do something.

Here’s the email I just got.

Hi Sam –

Thanks for your spec script on *name removed*.  Both The Head Writer and I reviewed it and it’s
a solid first effort.  Given the schedule we have and the demands of the
script in the edit bay, we need to go with more experienced writers for
these programs.  We will not be able to give you a script to write for this
current order.

Thanks for your interest in doing more for the show.  Maybe there’s
something we can work on together down the road.

– Your Boss Person


Taking Chances Part 2

January 22, 2008

Work Banner

So for months now the office has been mostly empty cept our little show of 8 people plugging away. Today the invasion began. “The Girls Next Door” came back, people started flooding in to the office stealing each others chairs and desks and among them all Katie one of the story producers is back today.

So I made my way over and told her I was interested in the story department still. Something I’ve been working toward since day one.

Well she just came over and told me, that apparently they’ve taken a story assistant position and turned it into a story producer role. So there’s only one story assistant, and that goes to Jen who was the story assistant last time. So if I go back to GND, I’m going back as a logger again.

Guess I need to think things over. Cause this job is going to end, and girls will run for a while. So I don’t know what to do. I either stay with the better paying job which will end soon or jump ship to job security in a lower paying gig that will probably have me working nights again.

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