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Thank You Round two for Gone the Novel by SamProof

April 21, 2010

Quick shout out to the people that have made videos. You guys rock!



MG Phenom Shout Out!

April 9, 2010

I think this is officially the first HD video Response to the Gone 🙂

Check out Matt aka MGPhenom. He’s got mad skills, and totally someone to watch and keep tabs on as well!


Find out how to read the first chapter of ‘Gone’ a novel by SamProof Here

Destroy Fate & Stay Strong

March 27, 2010

“If fate doesn’t exist then maybe you should give its power to things that do exist.” – Devlyn James

That’s the quote I put up on the fanpage yesterday.

I’m going to put up quotes every few days here and there. But I wanted to start with this one, not just because it’s at the begining of the novel – but because this is the heart of it.

This is 1/3 of what I’m saying when I say “Stay Strong”.

Fate, is a cop out. Fate is releasing control of your life to the whims of the world. And I do not hold to that. Man is a creature of free will (God or not), we are beasts of self preservation and beyond that self advancement. All those roadblocks we set up for ourselves. That’s us letting fate control the game.

I sit here struggling with this second by second, as I’m trying very hard to achieve what may now be a very antiquated dream.

When I was a child the dream was “be a novelist” which meant “have your books on the shelves of bookstores nationwide”

The internet has, if not completely, nullified the value of that dream. While it’s still possible, while it’s still eventually attainable – is it the bar I should hold myself to?

If I woke up one day and a 100,000 people had my book on their laptop. kindle, nook, iPad, alex reader, whatever – would I feel unvalidated because it wasn’t in a single Border’s?

If a million people listened to a podcast of me reading the book out loud – would I think it was a quaint event?

Surely I wouldn’t. I would be overwhelmed, in awe, shocked.

I know this because when my DIY Video slowly lurched it’s way in to the million view mark on youtube I called my best friend Nic unsure how to even feel.

So while I continue to lock myself into the thought that “it has to be a physical thing on bookshelves” I’m giving into a fatalistic roadblock of dealing with the long hard process of traditional media, and it’s time to give that power to something else.

So next time you find yourself stressed, think “It can’t be done” – flip it. Turn it over. Destroy it, burn it, and recreated it. – It can be done.

-Stay Strong
Sam Proof

49,800 to go!

March 25, 2010

The numbers keep rolling in, slowly.

And don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions of grandeur that I’ll wake up any day soon to see my screen flashing “50,000 fans!”

But I’m not going to stop pushing for that either. Today I passed 200, and that’s awesome.
Though at the same time having a profile with over a thousand “friends” I’m a little disappointed I don’t have slightly more then this.

But not everyone is obsessivly on facebook, like I am.

(checks facebook)

Sorry, back. my bad. (checks facebook)

205 fans!

I get it, The Catcher in the Rye, a book my was recently compared to doesn’t even have 9000 fans. So how can I expect a book maybe 7 people have read to have more then 7 fans?! I must be mad, or crazy, or mad crazy.

Truth is I know I am, but what are you?

I believe in something really big here. I believe that this book can make the dreams of everyone involved come true. It’s not a self help book, it’s not a philosophy book. It’s just a piece of fiction.

A story about friends, about life, about the internet, and about a way of thinking that is taking over the world. That, we’re all this close to going Viral.

We’re all capable of anything we want.

In making this dream happen for me, we can show other people how to make their own dreams happen.

For too long people have been in competition with each other.

Even when it comes to something as simple as dreams.

But why? Can’t we watch other people be happy and be inspired by it? Too often people turn other people’s victories in to some kind of petty rivalry.

Well I want to turn my victory, my dream in to yours. And fanning my facebook group is gonna be the proof of it. by joining that group, you leave your name on a wall that says “I made this happen”

My dream right now is that you just fan this fanpage

Stay Strong


Whats Your Dream?

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